Our environmental work

Tertzia operates at an international level. This is the starting point in our environmental work and our ambition when it comes to sustainability. Our international presence gives us fantastic opportunities to influence the development of environmental work in other countries. This is an opportunity that we have really seized, not least when it comes to our work in the Baltic States. Tertzia AB Group is certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and FSC® certificates. Our main production as well as our subcontractors are now classified as the most environment-friendly plants in the Baltic region, which is a source of great pride for us. Offset production now takes place with plate-making that is totally chemical-free, the moisture systems are totally alcohol-free, the printing inks are vegetable-based and recycling takes place in a completely environment-friendly way. Furthermore, Tertzia AB only uses electricity from renewable energy sources, and all new vehicles bought for the Group have environmental classification.

To make it easy to understand, we've summarised our thoughts on the environment and sustainability in an environmental strategy:

  • Regardless of which country we're operating in, we shall act in a way that enables us as a minimum to satisfy, but ideally to exceed, the environmental requirements in force in each country.
  • Since the very beginning of our internationalisation process, we have carried out environmental work at a rate and in an order of priority to ensure the maximum impact of decisions made in the shortest possible time.
  • With the aid of order volumes from Scandinavia and Germany, we aim to create the conditions for sustainable, long-term environmental work that is at the leading edge in each individual country.